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sometimes you have to let go so you can move forward

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When I was 32, my younger sister died of cancer.

In 2020, we witnessed a worldwide pandemic.

In between were a million tiny losses and shifts in what I expected the future to be like. 

And I had a choice to make - a choice about who I wanted to be in the midst of all that change.

You have a choice, too. If we're going to show up as our best selves in our relationships, our workplaces, our systems we live in then we have a choice about how we handle loss and grief. 

I'm working to help groups and individuals process through both the feeling and thinking of transition. Together, I believe that by anticipating change instead of fighting against it, we may be able to better allow the old to die so the new can rise. 

Let's get to work. 

Juli Rush is an educator and administrator in Houston, Texas. She is also a certified death doula and foresight strategist, with a focus on partnering futures + death and grief processing. Juli is a speaker, facilitator and coach for individuals and organizational systems going through transitions and change. She was recently named the Change Lab Director for the University of Houston's Foresight Program. Juli received her undergrad in Sociology and Theology from Houston Christian University, her MS in Foresight at the University of Houston, and Graduate Certificate in Thanatology from Hood College.
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