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{ars moriendi: the art of dying}


Grief doesn't just show up when someone dies. 

Sometimes grief shows up in small, seemingly insignificant ways that we may not even notice. Micro-loss and the small shifts in ever-changing future landscapes can take us by surprise if we aren't paying attention. 

By combining thanatology, neuroscience, and futures thinking, we may just be able to build better futures that have us stronger and more resilient to change than ever before.

You can read more about this project on Medium.

The ars moriendi for the future is also included as a mini-deck in the 'Futures Arcana Card Deck'. The ars moriendi was once a pathway to help the dying. Today, it's been reprised to help us think through the dying of our hopes, dreams, ideas and futures. How might we allow things to die so that something new may be created? By utilizing tarot, we knock and wait for the universe to answer. It is both challenge and support as you travel through change. Our hope is that you can do this as an individual for yourself, as a guide for others, or as part of a team. 

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