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Let's gamify transitional grief + futures' death to build better systems. 

The Futures Arcana Card Deck

SKU: 671253175371
Expected to ship by mid-January 2024.
  • The Futures Arcana Card Deck was created as a way to get people talking about the emotion that occurs around transition and change. Based upon a traditional major arcana tarot deck, there are 22 cards made up of 6 mini-decks. 

    The deck is profesionally printed and comes boxed with a foldout mat with instructions and a QR code which links to this website with further instructions and considerations. 

    Built for both foresight practitioners and anyone going through individual or collective change, we hope that these cards might be a helpful technology and provide assistance on the road through transition. Drawing upon storytelling and scenarios, design thinking tools, tarot, and world religions, the deck's designers hope to have built an inclusive and beautifully designed card deck for the future. 

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